when there’s a group of your friends hanging out and youre like trying to join the conversation but dont know howimage

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I’ve seen a few fashion posts trying to expand the “Marie Antoinette is not Victorian” rant, but this stuff can get complicated, so here is a semi-comprehensive list so everyone knows exactly when all of these eras were.

Please note that this is very basic and that there are sometimes subcategories (especially in the 17th century, Jacobean, Restoration, etc)

And people wonder WHY I complain about History/Art History periodization. Note how much overlap there is to the above “eras”, and how many exceptions and extensions there are to these categories.

Oh, and by the way…















Because you wouldn’t want to be historically inaccurate.

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So adorable 😍

REU bonding while making my hair into a bow



I bet when katara told her kids and grandchildren about saving the world with the avatar and the gang, she started off by saying “Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the fire nation attacked.”

And I bet when she says this there would be an awkward Zuko on the side, “…Sorry.”

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Dear fellow braid wearers

who go swimming alot. Please do not abuse your hair the same way I do cause….in case you didnt know your braids can mildew. I think I’ve mentioned this before but this is like the third time I put a braid in before I went swimming and then left it dry cause it was convienant. Bad Idea.  

Officially purchased my “two person tent”, which should arrive home around the same time that I Do. And by  2 person I mean mike and me squeezing into this tent with our clothes and whatnot in his car….

maybe not, we’ll have to see


Had a ton of extra supplies from sky’s Halloween costume so I made him a little BMO pillow. He’s in love and thanked me over and over.

Still have a lot left over if anyone wants one!


Shrimp Dinner by Lee Ann Dufour


Shrimp Dinner by Lee Ann Dufour

Neck Cramps and muscle aches

So I’ve been super sore these last two days, but its for all the right reasons. I’ve been having a blast these last two days with the rest of the science nerds here at El Verde as we rewatch “Avatar: The last air bender” and and argue about correct species classifications. The other night we had a rousing game of hide seek  at the station. It was kind of spontaneous and I learned so much about the nooks and crannies around here. I’m still the champ too, just sit and wait. I felt a kid, screaming, laughing, and excersing in a way that didnt make me miserable. Apparently I ran “like a bitch running away from a shot gun”. -Edgardo 

And Yesterday was even better. I didnt think we’d be doing much other than lazying  around the station and woring on posters. But Jeff, Carrie and Seth suggested we go to this swimming whole a little further up the moutain. 

Which had this waterfall next to it and a great place to jump off (the pool below was atleast 10ft deep). With heart pounding  and me being a terrible swimmer  I still jumped off this bad boy a couple times. Anyway the whole experience was great cause I never thought I’d personally have the chance to do this. Not a suburban girl for Baltimore. Felt like that scence from that Jason Marz video “I’m yours”.


white river national forest, colorado

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